In 2018 we packed our belongings in a Hyudai Sonata and moved almost 800 miles away from the people and places we had known all of our lives. We were nervous, excited, and unsure of what to expect. Shortly after relocating, we realized that we had to find ways to develop new relationships. The seeds of these new connections were planted through brief exchanges at work or church or exploring the city, but they were watered over coffee breaks, Sunday brunches, and Holiday dinners away from home. We met people who shared similar perspectives and others who challenged what we believed. We shared meals with people from various backgrounds and cultural experiences, some very satisfied with their station in life, and many aspiring to do more. What we learned is that everyone has a story, and when we can allow space for difference and dialogue, we are all richer for it.

HUE was born from a desire to find community, share stories, and support Black chefs. Our goal is to create intimate and authentic social encounters built around culture and cuisine. Each experience is as unique as the individuals in the room.

As we navigate new chapters in our story, we continue to find ourselves entering new spaces, meeting new people, and having enlightening conversations. Maybe like us, you’re in a new city and interested in learning the culture from people rather than blogs, or maybe you’re trying to re-imagine what it looks like to have meaningful social interaction in a post-Covid world. Maybe you’re simply a foodie searching for a memorable dining experience. We offer a safe space to dine, defuse and discover.

We are HUE – many expressions of many experiences.

We invite you to bring your story. Bring your taste. Join us at the table.